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Entry Fee:

$10 weekly
(plus cart fee) 


Junior Clinic 5:00pm 

Shotgun start at 5:30pm

 Dinner at 7:30pm 


Juniors (ages 16 & under) teamed up with parents! 


During the summer months, we will be hosting six Family Golf Nights! 

We will start our juniors with a 30-minute warm-up/instruction starting at 5:00pm. Then we will pair the parents up with their junior team for a 5:30pm shotgun start! 

Teams will play as many holes as they can by 7:15pm, as dinner will start at 7:30pm down in the Pub. Chef Ax will serve something special for you and your family while we announce our weekly winners. The teams, formats and games will vary each week. This invitation goes out to ALL family members (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Mothers, Fathers etc). 

Parents… Sign your kids up and you'll have a playing partner for a lifetime! 


June 1: Scramble 

June 29: Best Ball 

July 6: Guest day- Individual 

July 20: Switch 

August 3: 2 Best Balls 

August 10: Guest day- Parents vs. Children Par 3 

Call the Pro Shop for more information or to register at (304) 744-8790. 

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